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Press Kit

Discover more about Andre Bradley and his debut novel, Trailer Park Prince, in our comprehensive press kit. This resource is designed to provide media professionals, book reviewers, and interested readers with a wealth of information about the author and his compelling new work.


Headshot and Book Cover

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Short Form Bio

Andre Bradley is the author of adult, young adult, and middle-grade fantasy fiction. He began his writing journey in 2006 as a young soldier serving in Iraq and has been creating people, places, and things ever since.  Andre is a U.S. Diplomat by day, a writer by night, a competitive video gamer during the wee hours, and a daydreaming superhero in the moments in between. Andre is from Vidalia, Georgia—home of the sweet onion—and though he has lived worldwide, he currently resides in Rockville, Maryland, with his husband, son, and two dogs. –

Long Form Bio

Andre Bradley is the imaginative force behind captivating adult, young adult, and middle-grade fantasy fiction. His writing journey began in 2006 when, as a young soldier serving in Iraq, he discovered the power of words to transport readers to enchanting realms. Since then, Andre has been weaving intricate tales filled with unforgettable characters, mesmerizing places, and extraordinary adventures.


By day, Andre serves as a U.S. Diplomat, utilizing his skills to navigate the complexities of international relations. As night falls, he transforms into a passionate writer, pouring his creativity onto the page. During the wee hours, Andre can be found engaging in competitive video gaming, honing his strategic prowess. And in the moments in between, he embraces his inner superhero, dreaming up new worlds and thrilling plotlines.


Andre's highly anticipated debut novel, "Trailer Park Prince," is set to be released in June 2024, promising to captivate readers with its unique blend of fantasy and real-world charm.

Hailing from Vidalia, Georgia—the sweet onion capital of the world—Andre has lived and traveled extensively, drawing inspiration from diverse cultures and experiences. He currently resides in Rockville, Maryland, with his husband, son, and two beloved dogs.


To learn more about Andre Bradley and his enchanting literary works, visit

Interview Questions

  • What inspired you to write "Trailer Park Prince," and how did your experiences living in the American South influence the story?

  • The premise of "Trailer Park Prince" is quite unique, blending fantasy elements with real-world issues like racism and queer identities. How did you balance these aspects while crafting the narrative?

  • Your protagonists, Noan and Jormon, are pulled from their home world and thrust into a challenging new environment. How do their experiences reflect the struggles faced by marginalized communities in our society?

  • As a U.S. Diplomat, you've lived and traveled extensively. How have your international experiences shaped your perspective as a writer, and do they influence the worlds you create?

  • You began your writing journey while serving in Iraq. How did discovering the power of words during that time impact your decision to pursue writing more seriously?

  • "Trailer Park Prince" deals with heavy themes like racism, bigotry, and the fight for basic human rights. What message do you hope readers will take away from the story?

  • The bond between brothers is a central theme in "Trailer Park Prince." How does the relationship between Noan and Jormon evolve throughout the story, and what challenges do they face together?

  • As a writer of adult, young adult, and middle-grade fantasy fiction, what draws you to these genres, and how do you approach writing for different age groups?

  • Your bio mentions your love for competitive video gaming. Has gaming influenced your writing in any way, and do you see any parallels between the two creative outlets?

  • What advice would you give to aspiring writers, particularly those from marginalized backgrounds, who want to break into the publishing industry and share their unique stories with the world?

  • Can you share any details about your upcoming projects or the new worlds and adventures you're currently dreaming up?

  • As an author who is also a member of the LGBTQ+ community, how important is queer representation in literature to you, and how do you aim to contribute to this representation through your work?

Kirkus Reviews

"Bradley has crafted a rich metaphor for racial oppression that’s unflinching in its depictions of prejudice and violence."

Ryan Douglass, New York Times bestselling author of The Taking of Jake Livingston

"Grounded by authentic characters and poetic prose, Trailer Park Prince is a genre-defying work which strikes an effortless balance between romance, science fantasy, and contemporary life.”

Craig Montgomery, author of Circle of Stars

"Delightfully imaginative and chillingly familiar."


To request an excerpt or synopsis, or for any other media inquiries, please email me. I will respond to your request promptly and work with you to provide the materials you need.

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